Industrial Water Softener

How it Works

Water Softeners contain a Resin That Removes the Magnesium and calcium deposits that cause water to be hard Periodically the Resin needs to be Regenerated by flushing with salt water. This is done automatically all you have to do is add inexpensive tablet one a month. The Salt does not enter the water supply . of course it is simply Flushed away by the softener automatically once it has finishing job of regenerating the resin . softener system outfitted with automatically controller and Progressive Flow Technology contribute to initial cost saving and long-term maintaining cost reduction . The Technology constantly Measures water Demand and brings softener online or offline. As flow demand fluctuated. this is appropriately sized for you process need saving you cost up-front and in Maintenance.

How water softener works?

Water from the main line enters the softener and follows the following steps:

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a. Via control valve (Made is USA) water enter the main vessel.

b. Control Valve contains Resin Bed which absorbs all the suspended particles.

c. Brine Tank filled with salts injected to the softener removes hard water minerals.

d. Than the water reaches all the connections and taps which are connected to the softener.

Benefits of Soft Water:

1. Increases the life of plumbing items.

2.Increases the life of expensive house hold items.

3. Decreases the cost of Electricity.

4. Increases the life span of house hold items.

5. Helps to control skin problems (Itching, rashes etc.)

6. Reduces the hair fall process.

7. Reduces the dryness of hair & Skin.

8. Usage of less detergents thus increasing the life and maintaining the quality of clothes.

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