Activated Carbon Filter Systems

ACTIVATED CARBON: for removal of taste, odor, color, organic and chlorine. This material is a black granular media derived from anthracite "activated" coal. Removal is accomplished by adsorption of objectionable species in the porous structure of this "activated" carbon filter media. Raw water should be relatively free of iron for best results.There are many applications fors our various grades of carbon. They may include point of entry-point of use (POE/POU) water filters for removing chlorine and organic contaminants from tap water, extruding carbon block for drinking water cartridges and color and taste removal in water purification processes.

Process of Activated Carbon Filter Systems

  • (1) Poly glass Mineral Tank
  • (2) User Electronic Control valve
  • (3) Standard by Pass Valve
  • (4) High Flow Distribution System
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